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190828 Golden Child:
[Golden Child][✌] Golden Child 2nd Anniversary🎉

We were so happy to see Golden Child as 10 after such a long time😊

Golden Child together with Goldenness for 2 years❤

Thank you so much.

Please continue to love Golden Child in the future💕💛💙




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Goldenness Week꒱ 

Day 7 :  ♡ Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Golden Child!

⇢ Time flies so fast and it’s already the second year I’m celebrating Golden Child’s Anniversary debut. Though there’s so much ups and down across the journey, I hope that Golden Child will not give up and always try their best to show us more good and improving sides of them. I’m ecstatically happy to be apart of Goldenness family and every moments with Golden Child remains so precious for me. To Daeyeol, Sungyoon, Jangjun, Youngtaek, Seungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Joochan and Bomin congratulations on your 2nd year of debut as Golden Child members!

[D-Day] #Happy_2nd_Golcha_day Happy 2nd ann…

[D-Day] #Happy_2nd_Golcha_day

Happy 2nd anniversary! Thank you for blessing us with all the special, happy, funny moments in these 2 years. Let’s continue making even more precious memories together with golden child and goldenness! ♡

kdramaaaaa: Goldenness Week


Goldenness Week

Golden Child’s 2nd Anniversary!

Awww.. It’s 2 years already! It’s so cool to see them grow from last year, I’m proud of these babies! Thank you for brightening my days and making me laugh. Noona will wait for all of you however long it takes for your next comeback. <3

“I hope you recall when it’s spring again. Even when I’m not with you, please know that my heart have waited for you until now.” ~ Spring Again, 2019

P.s. I can still hear this gif haha. 
Jangjun & Donghyun jumping at the back: YA… YA.. YA… YA

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190828 Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Golden Child

2 years ago, I remember staying up pass 3am just to see any fansites videos and pictures of your debut show case and just being an emotional wreck the whole time. It was the first time I stanned a group from the beginning and fell in love with all the members quite easily. Time went by so fast, but even now, I still love you all as much (or even more) and I wish to continue to see you all smiling and laughing brightly as you do now. I hope we can continue to walk by each other side for a very long time whether thats along a flowery or muddy path…

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