[D-Day] #Happy_2nd_Golcha_day Happy 2nd ann…

[D-Day] #Happy_2nd_Golcha_day

Happy 2nd anniversary! Thank you for blessing us with all the special, happy, funny moments in these 2 years. Let’s continue making even more precious memories together with golden child and goldenness! ♡

gncd11: 190812 Hi_Goldenness: #🐰 보민이의 각도😎깨알…


190812 Hi_Goldenness:
보민이의 각도😎깨알 승민
역시 달리기는 성윤이 오늘도 1등 거뜬했다 🤓

Translation: #🐰
Bomin’s angle😎 Kkael Seungmin
After all, Sungyooni did get first place today 🤓
*note: kkael literally means sesame but has the same idea as Infinite’s Sesame player; like catching games on camera

Translation by: Admin L @ gncd11
Please take out with full credit

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