190505 / cube_clc_official:#CLC체셔들~ 오늘은 어린이날이었…

190505 / cube_clc_official:
체셔들~ 오늘은 어린이날이었죠👶💕 우리 체셔어린이들 다들 주말 잘보냈어요? 저희는 제주도에 공연을 다녀왔어요. 날씨도 너무 좋고 바다도 예쁘고… 넘 행복한 하루였답니다😊Incase you guys were wondering why we came here to Jeju Island, we came here for an event for Children’s Day! Today is Korea’s national children day and we hope you guys all had a great day like we did 💕

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